Accessible design

The Barcelona City Council wants to offer a website with a design that is accessible to the maximum number of people, so that they can easily get to the information that it contains, regardless of the limitations of each person or of those arising from the context of use. This principle is to benefit elderly people or people with disabilities and those seeking access from any device or technology.

To achieve this objective, WCAG 1.0 accessibility guidelines (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 1.0) established by the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) working group, part of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), have been taken into account. Specifically, we want all Barcelona City Council websites to satisfy applicable Priority 1 checkpoints, all applicable Priority 2 checkpoints and a subset of Priority 3 checkpoints.

Text size

Accessible design allows users to adjust the font size. This can be carried out in different ways depending on the browser used. The corresponding command is shown below:

• Firefox. View > Zoom > Zoom text only
• Explorer. Page > Text size > Larger
• Explorer mobile.Page > Text size > Larger
• Konkeror. View > Increase font size / Reduce font size
• Opera. View > Zoom > %
• Safari. View > Zoom text only

Visual design

Accessible design should allow users to deactivate the visual design so they can access content in a single column format with black text on white background (as the default setting for most browsers). In addition, some web browsers allow users to select a personal style sheet to adapt the presentation of content to their own needs.

Keyboard shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts, users can navigate websites faster. Using keyboard shortcuts, users can quickly access the main utilities and sections of the website.

1. Home
2. Mission
3. Services
4. Municipal impound yards
5. Retrieving your vehicle
6. Processing
7. Fees
8. Transfer of vehicles

To use keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Windows-based systems, use the key combination ALT + hotkey or ALT + hotkey + ENTER key. In systems based on Mac OS, you can use the combination Command + hotkey. On other systems, you can use the Alt + Shift + hotkey combination.