Frequent Asked Questions


How can I find which compound my vehicle has been towed to?
  • By entering the vehicle registration number into Vehicle Search.
  • Or by calling +34 937065250
What do I need to retrieve my vehicle?
The vehicle documentation is inside my vehicle. Will I be able to get it?
  • At the vehicle compound, you can ask to access the vehicle to get your documentation and present it at the public service counter.
From when do charges start to apply for my vehicle being held in the compound? (*)
  • The first four hours from when the vehicle is brought in are free of charge so long as it is on the same day.
  • (*) Due to the sanitary emergency derived from the COVID-19 and the excepcional measures decreed by the state of alarm, stays generated from 2:00 p.m. on March 14 until the end of the period of confinement, will not have to be paid.
How long do I have to retrieve my vehicle from the compound before it is deemed to be abandoned?
  • After 60 days from when the vehicle is brought in, it will be deemed to be abandoned and the process will be started to scrap it if it has not been collected.
  • Once the owner has been notified, he/she shall have approximately 30 days.
Which are the payment modalities available to pay the towing service tax?
  • Face to face payment by credit or cash:
    • At the Municipal Compound service counter.
    • At the automatic cash machines located in the Municipal Compound.
Do I have to pay the fine for collecting the vehicle?
  • No, if you are a citizen who is resident in Spain. What you must pay though is the collecting charge for the towing truck.
  • However, if you pay the fine when collecting your vehicle, and it is still within the period of voluntary payment, you are entitled to a 50% discount.
  • Citizens that are not resident in Spain must pay the fine at the time the vehicle is collected, along with the 50% discount if it is within the voluntary payment period.
Can I lodge an appeal at the vehicle compound?
  • No. Appeals must be lodged with Barcelona City Council or District offices.
  • You can request a form for lodging an appeal (along with the addresses to which they are to be presented or sent) at the vehicle compound.
If a vehicle is obstructing my entrance, what should I do?
  • Telephone 092. Services requested by the public need to be requested via the local Guardia Urbana police.
If my vehicle is blocked by another vehicle, what should I do?
  • Telephone 092. Services requested by the public need to be requested via the local Guardia Urbana police.
If a vehicle without a permit is parked in a disabled parking space, what should I do?
  • Telephone 092. Services requested by the public need to be requested via the local Guardia Urbana police.
Why the tow truck has removed my vehicle?
My vehicle has been moved by the City Council. How do I find out where it is?
  • By entering the vehicle registration number into Vehicle Search.
  • By calling +34 937065250.
Why has it been moved?
  • For different events, construction works, sporting and entertainment events in Barcelona, the City Council has the power to move vehicles and objects if necessary, in accordance with Municipal Bylaws.
I need vehicles in the street to be moved. What should I do?
  • First, you need to get the appropriate permission to use a public space from one of the Council’s district offices.
  • Once you have this permit, go to one of the municipal vehicle compounds and make the corresponding payment, based on the expected vehicles to be moved by the towing service.
  • Once they have been moved, you will be given a final invoice, which will be based on the time spent and the vehicles moved.
I no longer want my vehicle. What should I do?
  • If the vehicle you no longer want is on the street, instead of abandoning it you can waive ownership of your vehicle in favour of the City Council and we'll take care of everything, free of charge. This includes scrapping and de-registering the vehicle with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. Transferring ownership of vehicles.
If I have decommissioned my vehicle, how can I process the T-verda?
  • If you have decided to get rid of and decommission your vehicle waving the ownership of it in favour of Barcelona City Council and you would like to process the T-Verda, you should request the Destruction Certificate. You can ask for it at the moment you relinquish the vehicle at one of the Municipal Compounds. Also at the BSM Costumer Attention Office (Calàbria, 66-Barcelona), at the information telephone number (+34937065250) or you can send an e-mail to
  • The certificate of decommission may be collected at one of the Municipal Compounds within 15 days of the request.
  • can find more information about the requirements and the process at AMB web page.
My vehicle has damage that it did not have before and I think this has been caused by the towing truck. What should I do?
  • If your vehicle has been brought into a specific compound, you need to file your claim at that compound.
  • If it has been moved because of an event, you can submit your claim at any municipal vehicle compound.
  • You have five days to make a claim from the date when it was moved.
I want to make a complaint (Not appeal)
I have restricted mobility and would like to know if I can access the vehicle compounds in a wheelchair?
  • At our Badajoz and Joan Miró vehicle compounds, there are lifts for accessing the Public Service areas. At the Sant Genís, vehicle compound, our staff will assist you in accessing the Public Service areas.