Road discipline - compliance with traffic and parking rules within the city - is an essential aspect of improving both traffic flow and the safety of people and vehicles.

Through its Accident Prevention, Safety and Mobility Department, Barcelona City Council is responsible for promoting and encouraging road safety education among all citizens. All these initiatives are complemented by the activities of the Guàrdia Urbana local police and the Municipal Towing Service, which is managed by the Transport Division of Barcelona de Municipal Serveis SA.

The Municipal Towing Service’s mission is to maintain road discipline as an essential aspect of ensuring efficiency and safety within the urban road network, and contributing to the optimisation and use of the road environment, while reducing the social costs of mobility and improving citizens’ quality of life.

This mission's objectives are to:



Increase the number of parking spaces available on public highways.



Facilitate the carrying out of works and public events.



Prevent the degradation caused by solid waste being abandoned on public highways.



Facilitate the circulation of blocked vehicles (due to blocked entrances, vehicles in the way, and so on).



Ensure that areas for pedestrians are safe and protected, and reduce danger from traffic.



Increase the speed of business vehicles to reduce congestion, pollution and the cost of journeys.



Ensure the availability of parking spaces that are reserved for certain categories of people and services.



Provide other services relating to the transfer and movement of vehicles for the City Council, other institutions and the public.