Pg. Garcia Faria, 4 interior
T. 937065250
Metro: L-4 (Poblenou; Selva de Mar)
Bus: V27/H16/V31
Night bus: N6
Hours: open 24 hours a day for collection of vehicles. Prior to collection, all necessary administrative processing must have been completed and charges paid at one of the following compounds: Sant Genís-Vall d'Hebron, Badajoz and Joan Miró.

Hook-up fee

Cars, vans, taxis, ambulances...147,69 €
Mopeds, motorcycles and bicycles60,56 €
Lorries (without minimum charge)180,61 €
Car pound charges (first 4 hours free)

The fees per month, day, hour or minute are determined by the hourly rate, rounded down in multiples of 5 cents when leaving the pound, are as follows:

Hour or fractionDayMonth

Cars,vans, taxis

1,99 €/H19,86 €198,64 €

Motorbikes, mopeds

0,75 €/H7,50 €75,00 €


0,40 €/H4,00 €40,00 €


3,87 €/H38,68 €386,82 €
Immobilization fee

Cars, vans, taxis, ambulances...63,35 €
Mopeds, motorcycles and bicycles30,20 €
Lorries, coaches76,55 €

(*) From 10 hours (up to 24 H) a full day rate will be charged

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