Barcelona’s Municipal Towing Service is a pioneer in offering an end-to-end management service. This involves constant innovation in service delivery, resources used and working methodologies. 

On 12 June 2003, as a result of the objective and commitment to provide a quality service, the Towing Unit achieved ISO 9001 certification. See Quality Policy.

Barcelona’s Municipal Towing service provides the following services:

Removing vehicles from public highways 


Specific requests from the public where entrances and reserved areas are blocked, vehicles are in the way, and so on.



Parking and vehicle offences that impede traffic circulation (loading and unloading areas, bus lanes, double parking, pedestrian crossings and so on).



Requests from the police to ensure traffic safety (drink-driving, lack of insurance, expired MOTs etc).



Place under seal and/or legal disposition, at the request of official institutions.



Vehicles abandoned on the public highway.



Transfer of ownership to avoid vehicles being abandoned on the public highway.

Movements of vehicles 


Cultural events, sporting events, local festivals, public works etc.



Reservation of spaces on public highways - as requested by previously authorised private organisations.

Removal and custody of vehicles 


Vehicles recovered from theft and accident that the driver is unable to take care of.

Vehicle clamping 


Vehicles that are not authorised to be on the road.

Other services 


Processing the voluntary transfer of ownership of vehicles.



Collecting municipal charges and/or taxes during the voluntary period for paying these.